About Us

London Placement Academy (LPA) is a company operating in London (UK), founded in 2007. We are passionate about the importance of gaining hands on experience and practical training in some of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Our mission is enhancing employability through work-based learning. broadening experience and building skill-set. We provide a specialised service designed to help people to find internships or placements, offering valuable opportunities to enhance their future career.

We have hundreds of clients all over the UK and Ireland in different fields, from major international corporations to small private business. 

We receive lots of applications each month. After appropriate screening and interviewing processes, candidates are starting their placements or job every week of the year.

LPA is led by Directors and Senior Managers who have years successful experience gained across various industry sectors. They are supported by recruitment and HR professionals.






London Placement Academy – 37, Southdown Road London SW20 8PX – UK – C.N.:06166148