London Placement Academy is a company operating in London (UK), created in 2007. We seek a better professional and personal qualification, especially for young students or workers.

London Placement Academy is an organisation which hosts and supports young people who would like to have a working or tuition experience abroad. We have expertise in training periods, total integration of culture, language courses and accommodation support.

For you, this means the improvement of your professional or language skills during your experience abroad.

Whilst you are in London, the people at London Placement Academy are available to provide you with the following services:

  1. To help with organizing on-the-job learning placements
  2. To help with organizing accommodation for the students
  3. To organize socio-cultural programs
  4. To  keep contact with sending organization(s) during the on-the-job learning period
  5. To organize local transportation
  6. To participate in tutoring, monitoring and evaluation of the students’ vocational competence
  7. To complete the final certification for each student

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